CARSON CITY, NEV. — Pretzel manufacturer Stellar Snacks has partnered with Southwest Airlines to bring the former’s Maui Monk Pretzel Braids to the latter’s in-flight menu. These vegan, non-GMO pretzels are made with a seasoning blend that combines Maui onion with a “hint” of monk fruit sweetness, Stellar Snacks said.

“Southwest Airlines is charting a new course in its in-flight service by introducing the Maui Monk Pretzel Braids to its menu. This decision isn't just a shift in snacking options; it’s a redefinition of the passenger experience,” Stellar Snacks said. “Southwest is aligning with consumer trends by providing a new snack, curating in-demand offerings, thoughtfully sourcing suppliers and empowering a family-owned bakery.”

Stellar Snacks Maui Monk Pretzel Braids are also available nationwide at chain grocery stores and independent retailers.