LOUISVILLE, KY. — Flavorman has opened its 28,000-square-foot expansion at its beverage campus in Louisville. The addition connects to the company’s main lab and is expected to create several jobs for the community, according to the company.

Investing approximately $8.5 million toward the addition of the Scott Reed Production Building, which is named after Flavorman’s long-serving warehouse manager, will enable the company to enhance its blending, compounding and quality control capabilities as well as expand its bottling and canning capacity, processing and bulk storage.

Features include blending equipment, increased production space and laboratories.

“The new facility represents an exciting leap forward for Flavorman and our clients,” said Scott Weddle, chief executive officer of Flavorman. “With this facility, we’re not just expanding our physical footprint; we’re expanding our ability to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in beverage creation.”