Food Entrepreneur WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Revyve, a food technology company founded in 2019, has created a yeast-based alternative egg replacement ingredient for plant-based burgers. The company develops texturizing ingredients formulated from upcycled brewer’s yeast.

The company, which doesn’t use fermentation, breaks the cells and uses mild, low temperature processing to obtain proteins and fibers, resulting in ingredients that feature functional properties for foaming, gelation, emulsification among others, according to the company.

“Yeast has been the star of the show in beer brewing, winemaking and bread baking for millennia,” said Edgar Suarez Garcia, PhD, chief technology officer and co-founder at Revyve. “At Revyve, we have taken yeast functionality to the next level. Products manufactured with Revyve single-ingredient yeast proteins take on true-to-form textures. Revyve offers exceptional heat-set gelling, binding and emulsification. Burgers retain water and oil at hot and cold temperatures; they brown and sizzle on the grill and hold their shape when flipped and sandwiched in a bun.” 

The egg-replacement may act similar to egg whites, Suarez Garcia said.

“When cooked in a patty mixture, Revyve becomes firm yet springy, forming a binding network around the other ingredients,” he said. “Revyve’s secret lies in the unique combination of functional proteins and fibers created by our patented technology. Manufacturers appreciate that when paired with other ingredients, Revyve can eliminate the need for methylcellulose, which has numerous functional and labeling downsides.”

Cedric Verstraeten, chief executive officer of Revyve, added, “The science-backed ingredients Revyve has pioneered produce the sensory appeal that consumers want in burgers. Revyve delivers the meatiness and juicy firmness that cater to consumer appetites. These nutritious, wholesome ingredients are all-natural and non-GMO. There's more to come in Q3 2024 when we release our gluten-free, allergen-free ingredients.” 

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