WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Ingredion Inc. planned to introduce its Dolcerra sweetness and texture system for reduced sugar juices at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition in Chicago July 14-16. The system allows formulators to trim as much as half the sugar content in juices containing up to 25% fruit juice without compromising the consumer drinking experience.

The Dolcerra system was created with the help of Ingredion’s data-driven Dial-In texture and sweetness technology. The system features a mineral flavor modulator that works synergistically with other ingredients to provide the roundness of flavor found in full-sugar juices. The system has been shown to work in a range of juices and juice drinks, including orange, lemonade, grapefruit, mango and blended acidic juices.

“This breakthrough in sugar reduction capability will allow juice producers to maintain their brand equity because they won’t be adding anything artificial to their labels when they move to a reduced-sugar formulation,” said Mary Lynne V. Shafer, global marketing director, texture for Ingredion.

Ingredion also planned to introduce its Dulcent aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) sweeteners. Primary applications for the new high potency sweeteners include beverages, confectionery, dairy (especially yogurt and ice cream) and baked foods.

“New Dulcent aspartame, sucralose and Ace-K products provide a wide range of functionality and sweetness profiles to meet a broad range of foods and beverages needs,” said Nate Yates, sweeteners business director for Ingredion. “These high potency sweeteners allow formulators to select just the right non-nutritive sweetener for their application, and they give procurement managers a new source from a trusted ingredient supplier.”

The new sweeteners are part of Ingredion’s Dial-In sweetness technology, which encompasses a combination of physical, chemical and sensory data with formulations experience and process understanding that Ingredion personnel use to help food and beverage formulators achieve the right sweetness profile and product functionality. Other sweeteners offered by Ingredion include corn sweeteners, polyols and Enliten stevia.