IRWINDALE, CALIF. — Ready Pac Foods has introduced a new line of Disney-themed Ready Pac Cool Cuts salads and mini-meals for elementary and middle-school aged children.

“Our research showed that parents are becoming more and more motivated to play an active role in their children’s health through helping them develop good eating habits,” said Tristan Simpson, director of marketing at Ready Pac. “As a parent of two young boys, I know that what we buy is influenced by what is good for our kids, and I believe elementary and middle-school age kids will be asking for these new nutritious items.’

The new products include four salad items — pizzeria salad, taco salad, harvest salad and Caesar salad — and four mini-meals — veggies, chicken and pretzels; turkey, carrots and cheese; pizza bites; and apples, ham and yogurt.

The suggested retail price is $3.99 for the salads and $2.99 for the mini-meals.