ROLLE, SWITZERLAND – ADM Cocoa has launched globally a deZaan cocoa powder with 0.5% fat. The D-00-ZR cocoa powder may be used to formulate lower calorie products with lower saturated fat content. The products still may have the desired chocolate taste and bright chocolate color, according to ADM Cocoa, which has a U.S. office in Milwaukee.

The cocoa powder has been shown to enhance the quality of formulations where fat may have a negative effect, such as protein foam based confectionery and bakery products.

“The presence of fat may have a negative effect on the functionality of ingredients in the formulation, but at the same time fat also provides flavor to a product,” said Brent Cuddy, trade director, cocoa powder. “D-00-ZR delivers the flavor not the fat. Due to the unique production processes of D-00-ZR, the cocoa solids are able to carry an intense chocolaty flavor. Consumers nowadays are more health-conscious but still look for great flavors and indulgence. This unique reduced–fat cocoa powder helps achieve this with ultra low fat levels.

“D-00-ZR is also compatible with more delicately textured products such as meringue and sponge cakes. Normally, a reduced-fat cocoa powder containing 10% to 12% fat or more will force these kinds of products to lose crucial structural properties. D-00-ZR overcomes this, allowing them to hold their light structure while providing an intense chocolate flavor and pleasant milk or dark chocolate color, depending on the concentration.”