PLEASANTON, CALIF. — Safeway has entered into a partnership with cook-book author Marcela Valladolid to develop a line of store branded products featuring Hispanic formats and flavors. Products to be featured in the Marcela Valladolid line range from meats to chips.

“Hispanic shoppers are important to Safeway and we are excited to team up with Marcela to bring this innovative brand to all our shoppers seeking a real Mexican eating experience,” said Joe Ennen, senior vice-president of consumer brands for the retailer. “Marcela has been a fantastic partner for us to work with on our mission to make authentic Mexican foods accessible and approachable for Safeway shoppers everywhere.”

The new brand will feature ready-to-cook meats such as al pastor pork, ancho chipotle chicken and carne asada. Additional products will include flour and corn tortillas, and such snacks as flaquitos and salsa verde tortilla chips.

The new line of products is being introduced in September at more than 1,400 Safeway stores nationwide.

“Growing up in Mexico, I know what real Mexican food is — and isn’t,” Ms. Valladolid said. “I’m passionate about holding on to my heritage and sharing it with family and friends, and cooking is a great way to do this. Now, together with Safeway, I am bringing millions of people my favorite Mexican foods and flavors, rooted in tradition, but made easier for our busy lives.”