NASHVILLE, N.C. — Atlantic Natural Foods, L.L.C. (ANF) has reached an agreement with Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Co. that will net the former the Loma Linda brand of canned shelf stable alternative meat analog products, the Kaffree Roma alternative coffee beverage unit, and licensing rights to the Worthington Foods brand. Atlantic Natural Foods has been the sole producer of the Loma Linda and Worthington products since 2008, but they previously had been marketed by Kellogg.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Transferring the business allows ANF to increase focus on development of shelf stable alternative meat analog products that provide value to consumers,” said Kelly Krause, chief executive officer of Atlantic Natural Foods. “The Loma Linda brand is iconic and we are pleased to be a part of their long tradition of providing innovative vegetarian and vegan products. We believe that the demand for healthy alternative protein products will grow as more consumers incorporate non-meat choices as part of a healthy diet.”

Wendy Davidson, president of Kellogg Co.’s U.S. Specialty Channels, added, “We are pleased this transaction with our longtime partner, Atlantic Natural Foods, ensures brand authenticity and continued commitment to providing great foods. It also allows us to increase our focus on our core Kellogg Specialty Channels business.”

Founded in 2008, Atlantic Natural Foods is a private label manufacturer of food products that the company claims are natural, high in protein, low in salt, fat and carbohydrates, and are completely meat-free. The company markets Caroline’s, Meatless Select and Loma Linda canned vegetarian products and Kaffree Roma roasted grain instant beverage products. Based in Nashville, N.C., the company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing and distribution facilities.