A range of beverages from Vitamin Well offers many options to address specific health issues for elderly consumers.


LONDON — While the beverage industry’s focus may be on developing the next wave of energy beverages that appeal to younger consumers, the market research firm Canadean said there are opportunities with older consumers as well.

“It is all about the different approaches being taken by manufacturers,” said Erica Shaw, a beverage analyst at Canadean. “On the one hand, across Western markets in particular, manufacturers are launching more products with active ingredients to address health and vitality issues, but similarly, companies are looking into the more practical aspects of growing older, such as being able to lift and carry the products without a difficulty and designing more convenient packaging.”

Beverage companies are developing anti-aging beverages containing superfruits, botanical ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and appeal to the older consumer. One example is a Swiss drink called CellaNova. The product is a slightly carbonated mineral water, with pomegranate and cranberry juice and OM24, which is a natural ingredient made from whole green tea leaves with antioxidant properties and claims to neutralize free radicals, which cause the aging process of cells.

A range of beverages from Vitamin Well offers many options to address specific health issues, and includes vitamin B12, which is particularly recommended for elderly consumers to complement their diet. Other products in the line include varieties focused on energy, immune health and improved concentration.

The ease of carrying and pouring drinks is also being considered with older consumers in mind. In Portugal, for example, Nestle’ Waters Direct is promoting its compact MySpring water cooler especially to older consumers, who may not want to carry heavy packaged water all the way home.

To assist senior consumers in their everyday lives, companies are also developing convenient packaging solutions. Tetra Pak, for example, offers HeliCap, a one-step screw cap designed to provide a good grip and requires only low force to open.