LAKELAND, FLA. — ButterKrust Bakery recently laid off 32 workers, or about 15% of its workforce, according to ButterKrust is owned by Thomasville, Ga.-based Flowers Foods, Inc.
Doug Wimberly, president of the Lakeland bakery, told that the decision was made to move some volume out to the other plants.

“This is a deal where we have to stay competitive in the marketplace,” Mr. Wimberly said. “All of our decisions are based on what’s most efficient for our system.”

He said ButterKrust has been affected by economic pressures and rising ingredient costs. Health care costs also are a concern, he said.

“Our hope is the economy will improve and volume will adjust and we’ll be able to bring these people back aboard,” Mr. Wimberly said. “It was a really difficult decision for us to make. We know it affects our employees and their families.”

ButterKrust was established in Lakeland in 1916 and acquired by Flowers Foods in 2008. At the time ButterKrust had annual sales of approximately $70 million and employed 368 people, according to a news release.

ButterKrust makes white and wheat bread and buns at the Lakeland facility under the Nature’s Own, Country Hearth and Sunbeam brands.