BATH, UNITED KINGDOM – The global market for functional waters last year grew 10% in volume to 4,800 million liters and by 8.5% in value to $6,500 million, according to a new report from Bath-based Zenith International, a consultant for the food and drinks industry. The “Zenith Report on Flavoured Functional Water Innovation” predicts volume and value both will continue to grow by 8% to 10% a year.

The report said that since 2012 new production development initiatives have focused on eight areas: natural ingredients, natural sweeteners, energy waters, beauty and wellness waters, vitamin waters, innovative functionality, diversified flavors, and minimalist packaging. China, the United States and Japan are the three leading national markets, according to the report. The top three brands are Mizone from Groupe Danone, Glacéau vitaminwater from the Coca-Cola Co. and Propel from PepsiCo, Inc.