Gluten-free mixes are debuting from McCormick & Co.

HUNT VALLEY, MD. — Gluten-free mixes and Latin-inspired flavors are among new innovations from McCormick & Co. The company also is introducing a line of skillet sauces for convenient meal preparation.

“Our new products make weeknight dinners more exciting because they give home cooks a chance to explore new flavors and cuisines in meals that are easy to make,” said chef Kevan Vetter of the McCormick Kitchens. “For example, you can change up chili by adding fire-roasted garlic or smoky barbecue flavors. You can also make Taco Tuesday sizzle with chipotle pepper, or swap out beef for fiesta-flavored shrimp.”

Launching this winter are 25 new products driven by consumer demand for bold and adventurous flavors.

Skillet sauces are available in seven varieties.

Skillet sauces are set to debut in seven varieties. The products create a quick meal when combined with meat and vegetables in a skillet. Flavors include smoky Applewood barbecue chicken with bacon; taco with chipotle and garlic; sweet and smoky sloppy joes; fire roasted garlic chili; Sicilian chicken with tomato, basil and garlic; and fajita with roasted chili, garlic and lime.

New gluten-free recipe mixes contain herbs and spices with no MSG or artificial flavors. The product line features four varieties: turkey gravy, brown gravy, taco and chili.

McCormick also is launching a line of Latin-inspired seasoning products, which include adobo seasoning with pepper, adobo seasoning without pepper, total seasoning for beef, total seasoning for chicken and fish, and ground annatto.

New Latin-inspired seasonings leverage popular flavor trends.

From the Recipe Inspirations line of pre-measured spices come rosemary glazed pork tenderloin with carrots and Mediterranean chicken and tomatoes.

McCormick’s Perfect Pinch line of seasoning blends expands with bacon and chive and sweet onion and herb varieties.

Hot Hungarian paprika and chipotle chili pepper join the lineup of McCormick spices.

Finally, new seasoning mixes include chipotle taco, zesty garlic shrimp taco and smoky barbecue chili.