DENVER — Udi Bar-On and his wife, Fern, founded The Sandwich Man in Denver in 1994. The family company grew to include an artisan bakery, a catering company and a gluten-free line of bread and granola.

The gluten-free business became so big that in 2012 Boulder Brands, Inc., then known as Smart Balance, Inc., paid $125 million for Udi’s Healthy Foods, L.L.C.

Now Mr. Bar-On and his family are concentrating on the baking business. The proceeds of the 2012 sale are being reinvested into the company’s original business of restaurants, an artisan bakery, a U.S. Department of Agriculture facility and a catering business.

The Denver-based business will make products with gluten. The company has no plans, other than offering gluten-free bread as a choice in restaurants, to be active in the gluten-free space.

Etai Bar-On, Udi’s son, will take over the business and serve as chief executive officer. Udi still will be involved. The business is looking for a name since the 2012 acquisition included the Udi’s name. More information on a contest to find a new company name may be found at