MADISON, WIS. — The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (W.E.D.C.) said it will provide a $1 million loan to the Biery Cheese Co. for a facility upgrade at the company’s site in the Town of Sherry in Wood county. The funds are expected to be used as part of Louisville, Ohio-based Biery Cheese’s $19.7 million investment in equipment purchases and facility upgrades at the plant.

The company is pursuing options for a new building in the area. Once complete, the project is expected to create 31 full-time jobs and retain 111 positions.

Biery, a cheese packaging, processing and distribution company, has operated in Wisconsin since November 2013, when it purchased the Kickapoo Valley Cheese Corp. in Sherry.

“First and foremost, we would like to thank the W.E.D.C. for its assistance and commitment to our company,” said Ben Biery, chief executive officer of Biery Cheese. “Our dedicated teammates, strategic suppliers and valued customers have all played a role in our decision to participate in the heart of the dairy land. It is a tremendous honor to be able to contribute to the area and invest in our people so that we can prepare for future strategic growth opportunities.”

The Biery Cheese Co. was founded in 1929 by Norman F. Biery, who started making Swiss cheese in Louisville, Ohio. The company has evolved from a manufacturing company to one that now provides chunks, shreds, slices, diced, cubes and snacking cheeses to its customers around the world.

The W.E.D.C. has agreed to provide the company with a $1 million forgivable loan. If the company retains the 111 existing jobs, creates at least 31 new ones, and spends at least $19.7 million in capital investment by the end of 2018, the loan will be forgiven.