WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The Dannon Co. has announced plans to reduce sugar and fat and increase nutrients in its products by 2016.

In conjunction with the Partnership for a Healthier America, Dannon has committed to improving the nutrient density by 10% of its product portfolio overall by increasing nutrients, such as Vitamin D, and decreasing total sugar and fat. Dannon said it will reduce total sugar in its products to 23 grams or fewer per 6-oz serving in all of its children’s products and 70% of its total portfolio. The company also will reduce fat in its products so that 75% of Dannon’s yogurts will be low-fat or fat-free. Additionally, Dannon will invest $3 million in nutrition education and research focused on healthy eating.

The guidelines are based on research from the Institute of Medicine and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which suggests Americans consume nutrient-dense foods that provide more vitamins and minerals and less fat, sugar and salt.

Dannon plans to achieve its goals through a combination of introducing new items and reformulating existing products. Last year, the company reformulated its Danimals smoothies to reduce sugar by 25%.

“As the largest maker of yogurt in the United States today, it’s a privilege and a responsibility to continually improve the cultured dairy foods we carefully prepare every day for the millions of families who enjoy our products,” said Mariano Lozano, president and chief executive officer of Dannon. “Dannon’s commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America represents another big step in our journey to help address the issue of obesity in America.”