Each quarter the American Egg Board (A.E.B.), Park Ridge, Ill., issues “Incredible breakfast trend” updates by taking the pulse of the breakfast market, searching out and spotlighting creativity and innovation from around the country. The first of 2014 is “Breakfast influencers,” which keys in on three influences inspiring culinary excellence in the morning meal:  food trucks, Asian and Latin flavors.

Food trucks represent a $1 billion industry that is growing rapidly, according to IBISWorld. Eggs are particularly well suited to top the unique, edgy varieties of hand-held sandwiches, wraps and burritos the food trucks serve, while catering to the portability heavily favored by millennials (Mintel, 2013 Food Trucks, U.S.).

Sales of Hispanic foods and beverages in the United States totaled $8 billion in 2012, according to the A.E.B. Americans as a whole have embraced Latin food, and burritos and chorizo sausage regularly are paired with eggs and chilies for breakfast offerings.

Similarly, Asian influence is rising. It may take on spicy with condiments like sriracha, or a more lightly seasoned fruity flavor via mango or green tea. Fusion and blends are popular providing a dish more Asian-inspired than authentic.

“The basic ingredients in breakfast food provide the perfect canvas for food formulators to pile on the personality and introduce cultural flair that spices up or transforms the ultimate comfort meal,” said Chef Walter Zuromski. “Eggs in particular can take on almost any ethnic identity with the addition of the right spice or sauce or by using different preparation methods. And you’ll find eggs in almost every culture, so it is a widely accepted, authentic global ingredient.”

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