AUSTIN, MINN. — Since launching last July, Hormel Foods’ REV snack wraps have exceeded the company’s expectations. With bold packaging and such flavors as pepperoni pizza, the product line targets active teenagers – but REV also hits with other demographics, said Holly Drennan, marketing director of meat products at Hormel.

“Hormel REV wraps were designed especially for teens to serve as a bridge between meals, going from school to athletic or academic practices and competitions,” Ms. Drennan said. “Since the launch, we found that moms, dads and younger kids definitely enjoy the product as well.”

With 12 varieties, the wraps feature sliced meat and cheese rolled in a flatbread and contain at least 15 grams of protein.

Pepperoni pizza, ham and cheese, peppered turkey, three-meat pizza

In an interview with Food Business News, Ms. Drennan discussed the inspiration behind REV, as well as four new varieties set to debut this spring.

FBN: How did Hormel develop this product?

Ms. Drennan: When developing Hormel REV wraps, we were inspired by the need for a satisfying, on-the-go snack that offers consumers protein to provide sustaining energy. We also found that there are a lot of snacks in the marketplace, but not many made with quality, real meats and cheeses. We created Hormel REV wraps to deliver a real protein-based solution, versus other snacks, such as chips or candy bars.

FBN: How long did it take to develop it?

Ms. Drennan: The development of REV took two years from concept to production.

FBN: How has this platform performed in its first year?

Ms. Drennan: Since our national launch in July 2013, Hormel REV wraps has exceeded our expectations. We are continuing to expand distribution and will have 16 items in market by this spring.

Italian-style ham, hot pepper ham, Italian style, spicy Italian style

FBN: What consumer and flavor trends did Hormel leverage to develop this product?

Ms. Drennan: We found that consumers, teens in particular, depend on snacks to keep them fueled through the day. According to National Eating Trends 2012, snacking is now considered the “fourth meal occasion” and consistently part of a consumer’s daily routine.

FBN: Is Hormel considering more varieties or flavors?

Ms. Drennan: When we originally launched we introduced eight varieties (ham and cheese, pepperoni pizza, peppered turkey, meat lovers’ pizza, Italian-style ham, hot pepper ham, Italian style, and spicy Italian style), and since then we have added an additional four flavors (ham and Swiss; turkey and cheese; turkey, ham and cheese; ham, pepperoni and mozzarella), which were inspired by the popularity of some of our original flavors.

Ham and swiss; turkey and cheese; ham, pepperoni and mozzarella; turkey, ham and cheese

We think that REV provides a great platform for future expansion.  We are launching four new flavors this spring: buffalo chicken, turkey bacon, ranch bacon club, and jalapeño pepperoni.

Building upon our heritage of innovation and quality, we will continue our efforts to bring protein into the snacking occasion.