Many fruit juice products are high in natural fruit sugars. But because refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are common to most lemonades, many worry their families consume too much sugar.

With this in mind, Lawrenceville, N.J.-based iTi Tropicals has developed ways to deliver 100% fruit juice blends using coconut water, like 100% juice-content lemonade with less sugar and a reduced caloric load.

Using coconut water, acerola and lemon as the juice constituents, a 100% juice content lemonade with lower calories is now possible. The lemonade has one-third fewer calories per serving, compared to a standard lemonade product sweetened with or without fruit juice.

Coconut water not from concentrate has a single-strength brix of approximately 4° compared to 11.5° brix or more for other N.F.C. juices used to balance the acidity of lemon. Coconut water provides significant levels of electrolytes, while lemon juice and acerola contribute vitamin C.

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