DEERFIELD, ILL. — Mondelēz International plans to offer more “better choice” products, more portion control options and increase the amount of whole grains in its products as part of a comprehensive global commitment to well-being announced March 12.

The holistic “Call for Well-being” strategy will broaden the reach and impact of the company’s worldwide programs, starting with global nutrition targets across its product portfolio.

“We know the health of people, communities, our business and the planet are inextricably linked,” said Christine McGrath, vice-president of external affairs and head of the company’s global well-being platform. “People around the world aspire to live healthier, better lives, but none of us can do it alone. We want to work with others to expand the conversation around well-being and bring an entrepreneurial approach to address the growing concerns around public health and the environment.”

As one of its four key “areas of action,” Mondelēz is empowering consumers to snack mindfully. The company for the first time has set global nutrition targets to reach certain goals by 2020.

The first nutrition goal is to expand its “better choice” products offerings to 25% of its revenues. According to Mondelēz, “better choice” offerings are those products that meet a stricter nutrition profile compared to existing alternatives. Products that fit the bill so far include belVita, Trident and Barni.

A second goal is to reduce sodium and saturated fat by 10%. Mondelēz said between 2010 and 2012 it removed about 1 million lbs of sodium from its products in North America, and in Latin America reduced sodium in its biscuits by nearly 10% and by 19% in its cheeses.

Mondelēz also has its eye on closing the whole grains gap, with plans calling for the company to increase whole grains by 25% by 2020. In the United States, the company provides 5.5 billion servings of whole grain, while in the European Union it offers more than 150 whole grain biscuits, delivering 17,000 tonnes of whole grain ingredients.

A final nutrition goal set forth by Mondelēz is to increase individually-wrapped options of 200 calories or less by 25%.

“Experts agree that managing portions can help people manage their calories,” Mondelēz said. “We also know that people still want to enjoy a treat every now and then. So to help people enjoy their snacks — but be mindful of their calories — we plan to offer more satisfying, portion controlled snacks.”

In addition to evolving its product portfolio, Mondelēz said it plans to place calorie information on the front of its packages by the end of 2016.

“To make informed decisions, people need the right information delivered clearly and simply,” Mondelēz said.

Beyond its global nutrition targets, Mondelēz’s other three key “areas of action” include: partnering with communities to promote healthy lifestyles, securing sustainable agricultural supplies and reducing environmental footprint, and keeping people and products safe.

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