San Francisco-based Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. recently announced its Kikkoman Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. The sauce offers an authentic, Southeast-Asian style sweet-tangy flavor made from chilies marinated in vinegar with garlic, salt and sugar.

Market research firm IBISWorld identified hot sauce production as a growing industry, with revenues surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time.

“Restaurant-goers are actively seeking new flavor experiences, and millennials are leading the way,” said Debbie Carpenter, senior manager of national food service sales and marketing for Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. “They’re looking for bold, spicy and adventurous flavors. Sauces are an easy way for operators to update their menu and introduce a touch of heat and a whole lot of flavor.”

The hot sauce is ready to use as a tabletop condiment or cooking ingredient, and offers a clean label with no added MSG.

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