Skrei Norwegian Cod launches in U.S. seafood market

NEW YORK — The Norwegian Seafood Council (N.S.C.) is introducing Skrei to the U.S. seafood market. Skrei, a European and Scandinavian item, is a Norwegian Cod in its prime. Skrei is only available between January and April, must be about five years old, and packaged and stored within 12 hours of being caught at a temperature between 32 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Skrei is known for its lean, white meat, and high omega-3 fatty acid content. Chefs are being trained at N.S.C.-hosted events to learn about cooking with Skrei. Skrei will be available at restaurants nationwide and sold at a retail level in New York City.

Butterball releases new turkey breast filets

GARNER, N.C. — Butterball Foodservice is debuting a 4-oz turkey breast filet item to fulfill the demand for more nutritious menu options. The turkey breast filets are low in fat, calories, and sodium. With individual packaging, easy-peel, perforated film, the filets are easy to cook separately and don’t require thawing.

JTM Food Group creates Brewhouse Burgers

HARRISON, OHIO — Contributing to the burger market selection, JTM Food Group is rolling out Brewhouse Burgers. The new line of burgers features no fillers, extenders, or gluten. The ingredients include fresh ground beef and seasonings.

“Many restaurants are looking for a high quality and flavorful beef burger to use as the base in a franchise sandwich,” said Scott Bonta, JTM’s vice-president of food service sales. “The Brewhouse Burgers have a true homemade look and great taste. Combined with a cost that is lower than similar beef burgers in the market, operators won’t find a better value for their signature burger.”

Brewhouse Burgers are available in three sizes including small (3 oz), medium (4 oz), and large (6 oz).

Davisco announces two new W.P.I. flavors

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN. — BiPro USA, a business unit of Davisco Foods, is launching two new flavors: chocolate and french vanilla. The french vanilla whey protein isolate is fat and sugar free, low in carbohydrates, and 90 calories per serving. The chocolate item is low in fat, produced with real cocoa, and only 100 calories.

Both whey isolates contain 20 grams of protein per 25-gram serving. BiPro is manufactured using a proprietary ion-exchange process, which creates a pure protein isolate.

“We’ve been inundated with consumer requests for flavored BiPro in recent years.” said Polly Olson, vice-president of new business development, sales and marketing at Davisco Foods. “Our BiPro chocolate and BiPro french vanilla will maintain the same whey protein purity as our unflavored BiPro."

Alpina expands Greek yogurt lines

MIAMI — Aplina Foods is adding new flavor varieties to its Greek yogurt selection: pineapple, raspberry, key lime pie, pineapple with tropical chia granola, raspberry with super foods, and black cherry with super foods granola. The yogurts are produced using an authentic straining process with milk, active bacteria cultures and fruit.

Alpina Greek yogurt is available nationwide.

Cargill introduces new turkey burgers

WICHITA, KAS. — Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms, business units of Cargill, are rolling out a new line of frozen turkey burgers comprised of six varieties. The selection includes 87% to 93% lean burgers in seasoned, ready-to-season, seasoned white meat, swiss cheese with bacon and onion, jalapeno cheddar, and swiss mushroom.

“We did our homework, listened to consumers and are meeting their desire for a line of premium frozen turkey burgers available nationwide,” said Mary Richardson, marketing manager for Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms. “In particular, we found that millennial moms, age 25-54, want high-quality protein for their families and they are looking more closely at ingredients, nutritional value, convenience and affordability."

All turkey burgers are sold nationwide in 2-lb boxes containing eight 1/4-pound frozen burgers packaged individually.

Sausage on a stick offerings

CHICAGO — New flavor varieties are joining Jimmy Dean’s line of pancakes and sausage on a stick. Jimmy Dean, a business unit of Hillshire Brands, is introducing apple cinnamon pancakes and sausage on a stick and berry pancakes and sausage on a stick. Both selections provide a sweet and savory taste with the combination of Jimmy Dean sausages and fruity pancakes. Five-count packages of both apple cinnamon pancakes and sausage on a stick and berry pancakes and sausage on a stick are available in the frozen section in grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.99 each.

Sonic brings back Pretzel Dogs

OKLAHOMA CITY — Sonic Drive-In is reintroducing its Pretzel Dogs to the menu with the addition of a chili cheese variety. The new chili cheese flavor accompanies the original and cheesy bacon varieties. Each offers a topping, including chili cheese, bacon on the cheesy bacon Pretzel Dog, and yellow mustard on the original Pretzel Dog.

Sonic’s Pretzel Dogs are made with 100% beef wrapped in pretzel buns. The menu items are available for a limited time only.

Jack in the Box releases Bacon Insider burger creation

SAN DIEGO — Taking bacon to a new level, Jack in the Box is introducing the Bacon Insider. The sandwich positions bacon in three spots: on top, within, and below the beef patty. Six half slices of hickory smoked bacon sandwich the bacon-infused beef patty. To top it off, the Bacon Insider is drizzled with bacon mayonnaise sauce along with the lettuce, tomato, and American cheese and all within a brioche bun.

“We didn’t just put bacon on the burger,” said Iwona Alter, vice-president of menu strategy and innovation for Jack in the Box. “We put bacon in the burger, on top of the burger, underneath the burger and mixed it in the special bacon mayo sauce.”

The Bacon Insider is available for a limited time.

Carl’s Jr. offering snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches

CARPINTERIA, CALIF. — Carl’s Jr., a business unit of CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc., is launching a snickerdoodle cookie ice cream sandwich. The treat features a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream in between two sugar and cinnamon-dusted snickerdoodle cookies.

“Unlike almost every other hamburger chain in the country, Carl’s Jr. brings in hard-packed tubs of ice cream to make its hand-scooped ice cream shakes and malts, but that also allows us to be able to make some amazing hand-scooped ice cream sandwich creations,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer of Carl’s Jr. “After sampling many new potential candidates, including some, frankly, rather bizarre ones, we all fell in love with the taste of snickerdoodle cookies and ice cream. The sweetness of the soft, sugar and cinnamon dusted cookies pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream.” The hand-scooped snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich is available for a limited time only.