America’s obesity epidemic has led to a growing number of adults being diagnosed with both metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes, a combination of risk factors that may lead to heart disease and other health complications. Now results of a human clinical trial published in the British Journal of Nutrition are getting international attention for demonstrating that partially hydrolyzed guar gum may be an easy way to lower some of those risk factors through diet.

In the randomized, placebo-controlled study, 44 patients diagnosed with both metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes followed their usual diets and received either Sunfiber partially hydrolyzed guar gum from Taiyo International, Minneapolis, or a placebo for six weeks.

While both groups reduced their waist circumferences, the Sunfiber group also benefited from reductions in HbA1c, a blood glucose marker; lower urinary albumin excretion, an indicator of kidney function; and a reduced amount of trans fatty acids in their bloodstreams.

Sunfiber is tasteless, colorless, odorless, gluten-free and readily dissolves in water. It dissolves rapidly in beverages, and will not alter the appearance, taste or texture of foods.

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