St. Francis, Wis.-based Wixon Inc. now offers gluten-free seasonings and mixes to extend its customers product lines and meet the demands of the growing market segment.

According to The Mayo Clinic and global market research firm Mintel Group Ltd., nearly 1.8 million Americans have celiac disease, 1.4 million are undiagnosed and 1.6 million are on a gluten-free diet without diagnosis. Eighteen per cent of consumers say “gluten-free” is a consideration when choosing packaged foods.

The company’s sampling of gluten-free seasonings and mixes include: a gluten-free chocolate brownie mix; gluten-free honey butter corn bread mix; gluten-free seasoned pizza crust mix; and gluten-free vanilla muffin mix. Food concepts include a gluten-free inside out éclair with a reduced sugar custard sauce and a gluten-free cheddar cracker with reduced sugar blackberry chipotle sauce.

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