Morris Plains, N.J.-based Palsgaard has developed cake mixes that demonstrate that microwave cakes may be not only easy to mix and handle, but also as firm or soft as the consumer desires once they leave the microwave oven.

The cake mixes were developed specifically for use in microwave ovens and require just two additional pieces of equipment — a fork for stirring and a mug for molding the final product.

With a simple adjustment of baking time, the microwave mixes may be used for different types of cake, including a soft cake with decoration, soft cake without decoration, and a firm cake for easier cutting.

Consistent baking and textures of varying firmness are ensured by a special combination of activated cake emulsifiers in the microwave cake mixes: Emulpals 110 all-vegetable cake emulsifier and Palsgaard DMG 5611 distilled mono- and diglycerides-based on vegetable fatty acids.

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