CherryMan Farm to Market Maraschinos from Portland, Ore.-based Gray & Co. are now officially a “Non-GMO Project Verified” product. The company’s cherries are grown in the United States and are fully traceable. The company also is fielding increased requests for non-bioengineered and gluten-free foods from restaurants, schools and food service venues both domestically and abroad.

“Maraschino cherries have always been popular in baked goods, cocktails, and of course, as an ice cream topper,” said Leigh Milander, vice-president of marketing at Gray & Co. “We’re encouraging R.&D. professionals to think beyond the traditional fruit garnish and to experiment with more creative applications.

“For instance, combine them with a hot ingredient like chia seeds in muffins for a portable and kid-friendly snack. An unexpected application is to use the maraschino cherry syrup as the base of a vibrant vinaigrette — utilizing the whole product — with the added benefit of zero waste.”

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