SupHerb Farms, Turlock, Calif., has released six new items to help manufacturers capitalize on emerging food trends while maintaining a clean ingredient list.

Indonesian style chili paste adds authentic flavor and a spicy kick to any product, including sauces, soups, sandwiches or cocktails. Creole paste has a spicy aroma and tantalizing bite, ideal for soups, pastas, chicken and fish dishes. Indian Masala paste, a fragrant and peppery blend of herbs, vegetables and spices, seasons everything from chutney to scalloped potatoes to coconut crème brûlée. Kale pesto’s buttery earthy flavor with hints of lemon pairs well with pasta and quinoa and makes a delicious aioli or glaze. Shallot purée delivers balanced sweet and savory mild onion notes. Citrus garlic herb paste brings tropical allure to sauces, salsas, marinades and protein injections, and puts the “mojo” in rice and potato side dishes.

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