DENVER — One of Colorado’s most successful family-owned food businesses has a new name. Baron Group is now the name for what formerly was known as Udi’s Foods. Additionally, the food company has renamed its three sub-brands to Izzio, Etai’s, and Silvi’s.

The name change was prompted by the Baron family’s decision in 2012 to sell their granola and gluten-free businesses, as well as their company name, Udi’s Foods, to Boulder Brands. As of July 2014, the Barons can no longer use the name Udi’s Foods, so, earlier this year, the Baron family asked people for help determining the company’s new name. Thousands of entries were submitted of which the Barons chose three finalists based on relevance to the brand and the family’s heritage.

The support for all three finalists prompted the Barons to alter their plans to take one new company name.  Instead, they decided to adopt all three fan favorites: Izzio, Etai’s, and Silvi’s. The Baron Family also created an umbrella parent company name: Baron Group.

“Initially we were in search of one company name,” said Etai Baron, chief executive officer of Baron Group. “When we received positive feedback about not just one, but three possible company names, we were inspired to zig when we originally planned to zag. We’ve now created sub-brands for each different business using all three names.”

The artisan bakery is now Izzio Artisan Bakery, inspired by head baker, Maurizio Negrini. The cafes and catering business jointly are called Etai’s Cafes and Etai’s Catering after the company co-founder and now c.e.o., Etai Baron, and the full-service restaurants are now Silvi’s Kitchen, after Udi Baron’s mother.

“We have personal connections to each of the new company names, and so were a little surprised to see them offered by fans,” said Etai Baron. “It truly takes a village to build a brand, and our fans have showed us a tremendous amount of support. The collective future of Baron Group, Izzio, Etai’s and Silvi’s is bright.”