PARIS and BARCELONA, SPAIN — DuPont Nutrition & Health will have exclusive rights for the production, marketing and sales of AB-Life, a probiotic formulation clinically documented to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in at-risk individuals, after signing a global collaboration and licensing agreement with AB-Biotics.

DuPont will integrate AB-Life into its Howaru probiotic range for the dietary supplement and food and beverage industries. The product’s launch should come in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Our Howaru formulations have been clinically tested and shown to deliver the digestive and immune support people need, and we are looking forward to adding cardiovascular support to our probiotics portfolio,” said Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, vice-president of health and protection for DuPont Nutrition & Health.

AB-Biotics, a biotechnology company based in Barcelona, developed AB-Life, a patented probiotic formulation. AB-LIFE consists of a cocktail of lactic acid bacteria, more precisely, three strains of the lactic acid bacteria, according to AB-Biotics.

The World Health Organization defines probiotics as “live micro-organisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”