As the American culinary palate continues to evolve, more consumers are developing a taste for bolder, unique flavor profiles and are dialing up the spicy, savory and smoky notes in their food.

According to Avery Island, La.-based McIlhenny Co., the producer of Tabasco brand products, research shows consumers are becoming more knowledgeable on chili varieties and are looking for more heat-giving flavor profiles. Food processing professionals can meet this demand by incorporating Tabasco brand Processor’s Blend into their recipes.

It is a pungent crushed pepper blend of seed and skin prepared from aged red peppers, fermented with salt, mixed with vinegar and screened to separate the skin and seed material. The resulting semi-moist product has the flavor profile of Tabasco Original Red Sauce. A coarse, wet milled, intermediate moisture product, it is a natural ingredient for wet systems and fits well in production applications ranging from baked goods to sauces and processed meats.

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