WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration plans to hold a public meeting on June 26 in Washington to go over two proposed rules concerning Nutrition Facts labels. Both rules appeared in the March 3 Federal Register. One proposed rule deals with revising nutrition and supplement facts labels. The other involves such issues as dual-column labeling and updating, modifying and establishing certain reference amounts customarily consumed.

At the June 26 meeting the F.D.A. will inform the public of the provisions of the proposed rules and the rule-making process, respond to questions about the proposed rules, and provide an opportunity for people to make oral presentations.

The meeting will take place at the Jefferson Auditorium. To register on-line, go to www.signup4.net/Public/ap.aspx?EID=FDAO12E.

The F.D.A. recently extended the comment period on the proposed rules changes to Aug. 1.