Ingredion Inc., Westchester, Ill., recently launched a series of on-line savings calculators for soups, sauces and dressings manufacturers. The new calculators have been introduced to demonstrate cost savings when reducing or replacing ingredients such as egg or oil with the company’s ingredient solutions.

The calculators show how it may help manufacturers address the rising costs of raw materials, as well as consumer demand for better-for-you products, including reduced fat and lower calorie products.

“The savory savings calculators demonstrate our unique ability to couple innovative ingredients with technical, applications and sensory expertise to deliver a product that will meet consumer taste and texture expectations,” said Angelina de Castro, savory marketing manager with Ingredion. “In some instances, ingredients are reduced or replaced to improve nutritional quality, such is the case with reducing fats/oils or, to remove allergens, eliminating eggs from dressings, both of which are examples of how Ingredion can help support our customers in their efforts to achieve their particular goals while maximizing margins.”

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