Klondike adds Kandy Bars to frozen treat lineup

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Klondike, a business unit of Unilever, is rolling out Kandy Bars, which combine the signature Klondike ice cream with a candy bar twist. The ice cream bars are available in flavors such as caramel and peanuts, Fudge Krunch, and cookies and cream. “Klondike Kandy Bars combine the iconic taste of Klondike bars with the rich flavor and crunchy bites of candy bars. They are sure to be the most irresistible new ice cream treats this summer,” said Alfie Vivian, vice-president of refreshments, Unilever North America. Klondike Kandy Bars are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.59.

Kind announces extension of snack bar varieties

NEW YORK — Kind Healthy Snacks is introducing an extension of its nuts and spices and healthy grains clusters lines. The new additions to the nuts and spices line are dark chocolate mocha almond and caramel almond and sea salt. The additions contain 5 grams of sugar or less with no artificial ingredients. Flavors debuting for the health grains clusters lineup include fruit and nut, banana nut, and raspberry with chia seeds. The three additions all include a blend of gluten-free oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat, which packs in a full serving of whole grains.

Cascade Ice launches new sparkling water flavors

EVERETT, WASH. — Cascade Ice is debuting two new zero-calorie sparkling water flavors: coconut pineapple and coconut mango. The sparkling waters are free of sugar, caffeine, sodium, and gluten. The two new varieties join a line of 21 other flavors such as orange mango, and cranberry pomegranate. The fizzy zero-calorie beverages are available nationwide at retailers such as Albertson’s, Safeway, Ralph’s, QFC, A&P, Raley’s, Coborn’s, HEB, Market Basket, Shoprite, Food City and Price Choppers.

Al fresco enters freezer-to-grill product segment

CHELSEA, MASS. — Just in time for summer, al fresco is announcing the launch of Gourmet Chicken Grillers. The uncooked frozen chicken burgers contain half the fat of beef patties. The freezer-to-grill chicken patties are made with lean, skinless meat with no artificial ingredients, nitrates, nitrites, MSG, or gluten. The patties come in flavors such as sweet Italian, caramelized onion, and buffalo and blue cheese. “Grilling outside is the perfect way to gather friends and family, but preparation can be time-consuming and many traditional options are high in calories, fat and sodium,” said Sarah Crowley, director of marketing for al fresco and Kayem Foods. “This new line is a stress-free, healthier option to pack flavor into your meals in minutes this summer.” Gourmet Chicken Grillers are available at grocery stores nationwide in packages of eight patties at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Sonic debuts summer shake and slush offerings

OKLAHOMA CITY — Sonic Drive-In is offering the Summer of Shakes with 50 shake and slush flavors. New slush flavors include blue raspberry made with Nerds rainbow candies, Super Peach Ring, and Polynesian Punch among other varieties. On the shake front, Sonic is offering flavors such as chocolate covered jalapeño, lemon pie, Oreo peanut butter, cookie dough, and chocolate hazelnut cream. “The wide variety of flavors available during last year’s Summer of Shakes was a huge draw for our guests,” said Chef Claes Petersson, vice-president of product innovation at Sonic. “We, of course, wanted to top our efforts this year by not only introducing new innovative shake options, but by bringing added creativity to our slush offerings, too. Whether you want sweet, sour, salty, spicy or something in between, the Summer of Shakes and Slush Headquarters gives 50 options to choose from to satiate any palate.” As a bonus, shakes are half-price after 8 p.m. and slushes are half-price 2-4 p.m. every day throughout the summer.

Corner Bakery innovates with superfood smoothies and salads

DALLAS — Corner Bakery Café is upping the ante on the health front with new superfood-inspired menu additions. Two new smoothie options include organic carrot ginger and a four berry smoothie made with raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Both smoothies offer four daily servings of fruit and contain no added sugar. Corner Bakery’s new salad options include a quinoa and pico salad as well as a toasted sesame kale salad. The quinoa and pico packs in quinoa, corn, black beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, cilantro, and a lime vinaigrette, while the toasted sesame kale salad features kale, carrots, toasted sesame seeds, and ginger soy dressing.

Wonderfully Raw creates certified organic snacks

WATSONVILLE, CALIF. — Wonderfully Raw is rolling out two new certified organic, non-bioengineered, gluten free, paleo, and vegan products—Brussel Bytes and Snip Chips. Brussel Bytes are made from organic Brussels sprouts and pumpkin seeds and are available in two flavors: chili pumpkin seed and tamarind apple crunch. Snip Chips are made from a combination of organic parsnips and coconut oil and come in three flavors: cheesy herb truffle, chipotle lime cilantro, and dill pickle. Both products are available at select Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, and grocery and health food stores throughout the country for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Yoplait celebrates spring with new seasonal flavors

MINNEAPOLIS — Yoplait is stepping up seasonal flavors with new additions for a limited time—light margarita and original sweet tea. Both flavors are high in calcium and contain 5 grams of protein per 6-oz serving with 170 calories in the sweet tea flavor and 90 calories in the light margarita flavor. “Consumers are continually looking for new and different ways to enjoy the goodness of yogurt,” said Blake Holman, associate marketing manager, Yoplait. “The popularity of cocktail-inspired, sweet and refreshing flavored drinks rises when the weather gets warm. So in response to consumer’s desires, Yoplait took favorite flavors to sip and turned them into yogurt that can now be enjoyed any time of the day. Whether it’s a margarita with friends or sweet tea on the porch, consumers love the variety and flavors but without actually consuming the real thing.” The seasonal yogurt flavors are available nationwide for a limited time only in 4-oz four packs ($2.79) and 6-oz eight-count fridge packs ($5.75). The yogurt is also sold in singles for a suggested retail price of 75c.

Twistos creates backed snack bites

PLANO, TEXAS — Twistos, a business unit of PepsiCo, Inc., is adding a twist to traditional backed snacks. The new snack bites are available in bruschetta, Parmesan and garlic, and Asiago flavors. Twistos baked snack bites are available at stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.79 per 5.3-oz bag.

Dunkin’ Donuts unveils chicken apple sausage breakfast sandwich

CANTON, MASS. — Dunkin’ Donuts is stepping up breakfast menu options with the addition of the chicken apple sausage breakfast sandwich. The sandwich is under 400 calories and features an egg, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, and a chicken sausage seasoned with spices and apples, all served on a oven-toasted English muffin. The new sandwich is available at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide for a limited time.