SternEnzym GmbH & Co. KG, Ahrensburg, Germany, offers new multi-enzyme complexes for the sugar industry. The processing aids were developed specially for the production of granulated and raw sugar from beet and cane with dextranase and amylase. Sugazym facilitates the processing or raw materials containing starch and dextrans, increases the sugar yield and optimizes the quality of the sugar crystals. Better clarification of the juice and a longer service life of the filters enable manufacturers to reduce production costs.

With the aid of dextranase, the new product Sugazym DX L effectively removes the dextrans from the process stream at the mill and refinery and thus prevents financial losses. Besides increasing yield, it also makes the process flow more efficient. A further benefit is the enhanced quality of the sugar.

Sugazym HiTaA L hydrolyzes the starch and therefore constitutes an economical method of breaking it down at sugar mills and refineries. The result is enhanced and consistently high sugar quality combined with reduced processing costs. With the aid of amylase, the product reduces the viscosity of the juice.

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