PARIS — The Consumer Goods Forum, a consortium of global retailers and consumer packaged goods companies, has asked its members for “increased alignment and engagement” to improve the health and wellness of the industry’s consumers. As part of its health and wellness efforts, the C.G.F. committed to several initiatives, including:

• Make company policies public and nutrition and product formulation by 2016.

• Implement employee health and wellness programs by 2016.

• Develop consistent product labeling and consumer information programs to help consumers make informed choices by 2018.

• Stop targeted advertising to children under 12 for products that do not fulfil specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines.

“The consumer goods industry acknowledges its role in the health and wellness of society, the issues around it, and the imperative need for actions,” said Paul Bulcke, chief executive officer of Nestle, and member of the C.G.F.’s board. “We have to scale up our efforts. We have to accelerate existing initiatives. We have to engage in multi-stakeholder dialogues and efforts. We believe that The Forum will contribute to a positive impact in this area. Today’s outcome shows the commitments that only c.e.o.s can make to demonstrate that the consumer goods industry, through The Forum, is a hugely important partner for organizations seeking to make the world a healthier and better place.”

The C.G.F.’s board also called on leaders of countries around the world to reach an agreement regarding how to address climate change. The group urged governments to make the United Nations REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) climate change mitigation plan a priority, supporting it with local and national policies that can protect forests and support livelihoods.

“Our call to governments comes one year before Paris hosts the U.N.’s Climate Summit,” said Paul Polman, chief executive officer of Unilever and a member of the C.G.F. “That summit will offer another chance for leaders across the world to act decisively to combat climate change. While we at the Consumer Goods Forum have a clear role to play in creating a more sustainable future, we need to draw upon and work in partnership with governments and civil society to transform markets at scale, and within the framework of an accepted and enforced global climate deal that implements the appropriate elements of REDD+.”