ORLANDO, FLA. — Olive Garden has added a “Lighter Italian Fare” menu. The new menu, along with the launch of the restaurant chain’s first new national advertising campaign in nearly 10 years and the introduction of new Porta Vita signature wines, are part of the company’s efforts to attract new customers.

The Lighter Italian Fare menu features five entrees containing less than 575 calories each. The entrees include a variety of pasta, chicken and seafood choices, including lasagna primavera with grilled chicken, seafood brodetto, herb-grilled salmon, linguine alla marinara, and Venetian apricot chicken.

“We’re making it easy for guests looking for lighter choices to find a variety of satisfying, full-flavored entrees under 575 calories,” said Jay Spenchian, executive vice-president of marketing for Olive Garden. “The changes we’re making to our menu over time will significantly expand the food choices we provide to our guests, from more indulgent dishes to lighter entrees.”