MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D, a patented mushroom powder ingredient, delivers 40,000 International Units (I.U.s) of vitamin D per gram, according to PLT Health Solutions, Inc. and Oakshire Naturals, LP. A “good source” of vitamin D may be achieved in products by using 1 mg of the ingredient. Claims of “excellent source” or “high potency” may be achieved by using 2 mg of the ingredient.

The low use levels mean Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D will not affect the organoleptic properties of products, according to the two companies.

Oakshire Naturals, a division of Oakshire Mushroom Farm, Inc., Kennett Square, Pa., manufactures the ingredient by exposing white button and portabella mushrooms to light to enhance vitamin D content in a proprietary process. PLT Health Solutions, Morristown, will market Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D.

The Institute of Medicine in a November 2010 report said 600 I.U.s of vitamin D per day meets the needs of almost everyone in the United States and Canada. People age 71 and older may need as much as 800 I.U.s of vitamin D per day.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in theFederal Registerof March 3, 2014, proposed to require the declaration of vitamin D on the Nutrition Facts Panel of food and beverage products.