Dannon products, Danimals, Oikos, Light & Fit
Danone's key brands, including Danimals, Oikos and Light & Fit, experience above 5% growth.

PARIS — Groupe Danone continues to progress on its agenda to “reignite growth” in the United States, Cecile Cabanis, chief financial officer of the Paris-based company, said during an Oct. 19 third-quarter corporate sales conference call with analysts.

“First, we are consolidating our portfolio, making sure that we fit with the consumer needs,” Ms. Cabanis said. “Second, we continue to leverage the channel dynamics playing our role of category leader. As you see, the category is progressing, confirming its potential, and we continue to consolidate our position of leadership. We have now a strong 35% market share, being also the co-leader on the Greek segment.

“Recent results are positive. Our key brands are above 5% of growth. This is the case for Oikos as a total, Light & Fit and Danimals. We are very confident in our capacity to grow the category. The agenda is solid and there is a great potential for this market going forward.”

Overall, Groupe Danone said organic sales increased nearly 5% during the third quarter, to €5,641 million ($6,386 million) from €5,416 million in the same period a year ago. Breaking it down by geographical area, sales increased 5.1% in Europe, 4.7% in Asia-Pacific/Latin America/Middle East/Africa (ALMA), and 3.2% in CIS and North America.