Saltwell salt
Saltwell reduced sodium sea salt has 35% less sodium than regular salt..

CHICAGO – Salinity has introduced Saltwell reduced sodium sea salt for organic use. The ingredient has 35% less sodium than regular salt. The one-grain salt is 65% sodium chloride and 30% potassium chloride, and organic-certified rice hull concentrate is used as an anti-caking agent.

Dried by the sun, the minerals are baked together in such a fashion that Saltwell crystals form homogenous grains, each consistent with each other, which allows Saltwell to perform and taste like ordinary salt, according to Salinity, based in Halmstad, Sweden.

“Saltwell has been tested in many applications such as meat, chicken, ham, spice blends and bread and has received great results on taste, structure and process handling,” said Daniel Villegas, head of quality assurance for Saltwell. “Unlike blended solutions for sodium reduction that can sometimes taste harsh and bitter, Saltwell has great flavor and can replace salt one-to-one into established recipes and formulations.”