KANSAS CITY — Alternatives are all over new product launches. For consumers looking to ditch the dairy, opt out of olive oil, or evade eggs, food manufacturers are providing smart swaps.

Daiya seeks to solve consumers’ dairy dilemma with its new Greek yogurt alternative made from coconut and pea protein. Available in peach, strawberry, black cherry and blueberry flavors, Daiya’s new Greek yogurt alternative provides 8 grams of protein per serving.

For those who have ended their relationship with eggs, Follow Your Heart is launching a 100% plant-based vegan egg replacer called VeganEgg. The product is an entirely egg-free, cholesterol-free, G.M.O.-free and allergen-free egg replacer that emulates the flavor, texture and functional properties of eggs. Made with algal flour and algal protein, VeganEgg contains fewer calories and less than half the fat of real eggs.

Providing an alternative option for olive oil, Solazyme is introducing the first culinary oil to be made from algae: Thrive Algae Oil. Composed of over 90% monounsaturated fats, the oil contains zero trans fats and has 75% less saturated fats than olive oil.

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