DuPont debuts isolated soy protein for beverages

St. Louis-based DuPont Nutrition & Health has introduced a new product for dry blended nutritional beverage powders, Supro XT 221D Isolated Soy Protein. The plant-based, high-quality protein disperses completely in water in nine seconds, according to the company.

“Consumer complaints such as ‘hard to stir in’ and ‘lumps’ are commonly heard in the dry blended beverage industry,” said Jean Heggie, marketing strategy lead, DuPont Nutrition & Health. “Based on what we’ve seen in the marketplace, we believe (it) disperses faster than any other isolated soy protein on the market today.”

In sensory studies with consumers, the company compared a 20-gram protein supplement formulation with Supro XT 221D with similar formulas made with other isolated soy proteins. Consumers rated the Supro XT 221D formula higher in flavor, dispersibility, mouthfeel and overall liking.

Pecans: Natural nutrition in a nutshell

American consumers, ever savvier about what they’re eating, are more frequently demanding food with “clean labels,” and companies are working to drop synthetic artificial ingredients from their products. Combine that with the Food and Drug Administration ruling that industrial trans fats disappear from the American diet, and the public is seeking natural ingredients, according to the Atlanta-based Center for Pecan Innovation.

Pecans are competitive with other nuts like almonds, and the many forms offered — pecan flour, meal, pieces, butter and oil — may be used in a variety of applications. Pecan benefits include: 19 vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and E, folic acid, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium; a rich source of B-complex groups of vitamins, such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B-6; nearly 60% of the fats in pecans are monounsaturated, and another 30% are polyunsaturated; and a good source of vitamin E.

Amelia Bay launches newly designed web site

Johns Creek, Ga.-based Amelia Bay has launched its newly designed web site to serve as a resource for food and beverage formulators, especially those interested in the ready-to-drink beverage market.

“We wanted our new web site to be clean and clear,” said John Harper Crandall, vice-president of sales, Amelia Bay. “It reflects our new tagline, ‘Better tea is brewing,’ which truly sums up what we do as a company.”

The web site features tools like a “brewed vs. powdered” infographic and a Knowledge Center that shares the latest information regarding brewed tea and the R.-T.-D. iced tea market.

Biorigin to launch new product at FI Europe

During its participation at FI Europe Dec. 1-3, Biorigin, São Paulo, Brazil, is scheduled to present recipes for health and wellness through formulations and taste enhancement. The company also will launch its new natural flavor ingredients, BioSavour, at the show. Biorigin will showcase its portfolio that offers natural solutions in yeast extract and natural flavors for savory flavor delivery and enhancement, umami, mouthfeel, sodium reduction, off-note masking and natural supplementation.

According to the company, all of its ingredients are clean label, non-G.M.O. and sustainable, are certified ISO 9001 and 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP, kosher and halal, and have full traceability.

TIC Gums offers clean label formulation assistance

White Marsh, Md.-based TIC Gums now has a complete line of stabilizer systems for clean label applications. Available for a range of uses, the stabilizer systems are formulated to provide texture, stability and enhanced mouthfeel while adhering to label restrictions.

In addition to a complete portfolio of clean label stabilizer options, the company has released a clean label chart of some industry standards concerning clean label acceptability and where individual hydrocolloids fall. The chart may be found at

Ticaloid Pro 571 SET is new technology for those seeking to remove carrageenan from labels. The blend targets stabilization in high-protein beverages without increasing viscosity and the usage level allows for cost-in-use savings. For developers seeking a non-G.M.O. or organic compliant option, Ticaloid Pro 148 OG suspends high-protein systems, enhances mouth coating and creates a more indulgent beverage.

The newly released Ticagel GC mimics the textural attributes associated with gelatin, which makes it suitable for formulating gummy candies or nutritional delivery systems like gummy vitamins without gelatin.

New study on fish- and krill-derived omega-3s

DSM, Parsippany, N.J., has published the results of a new study to show that similar levels of DHA and EPA reach the blood, regardless of whether the omega-3 supplement consumed is a fish or krill oil product. There previously had been conflicting information on the relative oral bioavailability of the different forms of omega-3 fatty acids, according to the company.

“It has previously been suggested that krill oil has greater bioavailability than fish or algal oil, but the studies referenced to make such claims had critical design flaws,” said Karin Yurko-Mauro, Ph.D., director of clinical research, nutritional lipids, DSM. “This new study was designed to objectively determine if there are significant differences in the bioavailability of different forms of omega-3s dose for dose, in order to provide more evidence and give a clear message to consumers.”

The company is committed to investing in clinical research to further understand omega-3s as part of its ongoing investment as a supplier of both marine and unique vegetarian based omega-3 ingredient solutions. Its portfolio of nutritional lipids includes: life’sDHA, a vegetarian form of DHA derived purely from a sustainable algal source; life’sOMEGA 60, a high potency vegetarian DHA/EPA product; and a wide range of MEG-3 omega-3 EPA/DHA products from fish oil including neutralized products that have no fishy taste or smell.

Natural Ergothioneine produced by fermentation

Blue California, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., has announced the development and commercial production of ErgoActive, Natural L-Ergothioneine, a dietary antioxidant that may help prevent premature aging and chronic inflammation caused by oxidative stress. Potential applications may extend to a variety of consumer products, including beverages and dietary supplements. Until now, commercially available L-Ergothioneine has been chemically synthesized and sold at a higher price. According to Blue California, it is the first to produce L-Ergothioneine by fermentation, making it the only natural form available in the market today.

The company is in the process of obtaining a letter of no objection from the Food and Drug Administration on the Generally Recognized As Safe status for the use of the ingredient in foods and beverages.

Three firms partnering to form Solvaira Specialties

Three companies, Allied Blending & Ingredients, Fibred-Maryland and International Fiber Corp., are joining together under the Solvaira Specialties name.

The new partnership will offer a range of ingredient solutions for the functional food, and health and specialty markets. Solvaira’s functional food and ingredients business unit will provide value-added solutions for dairy, baking and meat applications. The health and specialty products division will offer high-value specialty fibers.

The renaming will not cause a change to current business operations, according to the company. Each business will continue to maintain its individual product names under the Solvaira umbrella.