SANTIAGO, CHILE — The Coca-Cola Co. announced it is investing $1.3 billion in Chile during the next five years through 2016. The investments include a new $200 million Coca-Cola Andina bottling plant in Renca that opened this week.

The new Coca-Cola Andina plant houses 10 production lines, which may be expanded to 12. Additionally, 90% of the building materials used in construction of the facility can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. The plant’s design also optimizes the use of water and energy.

“The Coca-Cola Co. and our bottling partners share a deep commitment to the continued development of Chile,” said Muhtar Kent, chairman and chief executive officer. “For more than 66 years we have contributed to the progress of the country and will continue to do so with enthusiasm and conviction. We are devoting resources to innovation and productivity, creating jobs for Chileans and helping thousands of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs throughout the country to growth their businesses sustainably.”

The investment will include efforts in infrastructure, equipment, technology and marketing as well as sustainability initiatives to return water to nature, reduce the use of energy in production, develop recycling programs and promote physical activity.