New orange colorant to benefit beverage market

Consumers are demanding natural ingredients in the products they consume. Within the beverage industry, many manufacturers are responding by removing artificial colors, but costs and stability issues may create barriers against the change. With the launch of the CapColors Orange 057 WSS colorant, Chr. Hansen, Hørsholm, Denmark, now offers an affordable and high performing encapsulated beta-carotene product for beverage manufacturers.

The orange shade constitutes one of the largest color segments in the beverage industry, and it is an essential attribute in juices, nectars and carbonated soft drinks. With beta-carotene being the most common non-artificial orange color, it is also a shade that poses a range of challenges in the form of added costs, compromised product performance and application complexity.

Typical issues when using non-artificial color emulsions in the final application are color shifting and the appearance of neck ringing, and in production, poor dispersion and dissolving are common issues. The new CapColors Orange colorant solves these issues using its encapsulation technology, which makes the product robust to light, heat and ringing, while dispersing and dissolving quickly due to its easy-to-use liquid form.

Fibersol helps hit sugar-reduction targets

Product developers reformulate many foods and beverages to reduce sugar and calories. Related to this, Fibersol, a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Co., Chicago, and Matsutani America, Itasca, Ill., offers a family of soluble corn fiber ingredients. The line of ingredients delivers many of sugar’s critical baking functions and also improves product qualities like texture, taste and shelf life, while reducing sugar’s calories and boosting fiber, according to the company.

Fibersol-HS boasts a honey-like sweetness with approximately half of honey’s calories. The highly concentrated Fibersol-2 may stand in for sugar’s bulk and contributes just 1.6 calories/gram. And easy-to-use Fibersol-LQ liquid not only replaces sugar, it also adds humectancy to bakery formulations, improving texture and shelf life. At 75% soluble fiber on a dry-weight basis, it also may turn a sweet treat into a substantial source of this “nutrient of concern.”

“We want manufacturers to know there is an easy way to reduce sugar and calories while adding fiber,” said Kati Ledbetter, product development scientist, ADM. “Fibersol-2 can be used to replace sugar and provide a crisper texture that can help extend shelf life. Additionally, with the use of Fibersol-2, a bakery product can maintain a taste and sweetness profile that consumers will love.”

NuTek Food Science honored for entrepreneurship

Goldman Sachs recently recognized Thomas L. “Tom” Manuel, co-founder and chief executive officer of Omaha, Neb.-based NuTek Food Science, as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2015 at its Builders + Innovators Summit at Santa Barbara, Calif. Mr. Manuel is a food and agricultural industry veteran with more than 45 years of management experience in the space, including more than 26 years with ConAgra Foods.

The mission of NuTek Food Science is to improve global health and wellness through healthier food ingredients. Its lead product is NuTek Salt, an ingredient innovation that takes a naturally-occurring mineral, potassium salt, and through a proprietary process, offers a healthier salt solution.

“NuTek Salt is addressing a serious global need to reduce sodium consumption as a macro-societal health imperative,” Mr. Manuel said. “We are proud of the momentum we have in improving the food system using our revolutionary technology.”

Unique flavor profiles from around the world

American consumers seek new food experiences with flavor profiles inspired from all over the world, according to Advanced Food Systems, Somerset, N.J. Foods with cultural influence often offer a bold, authentic feel from a palette of seasonings and spices. So, when it comes to pursuing real ethnic taste, product developers not only are challenged in capturing the traditional feel of an international dish, but also maintaining its integrity and sense of culture throughout the manufacturing process and into the finished product.

To meet this need, Advanced Food Systems offers a variety of specialty ingredient systems that are convenient and easy to use. The systems reduce the number of ingredients to be kept and stored and measured in-house, allowing for better inventory control and quicker batching. The functional and flavor systems span several product categories and applications, including seasonings, sauces, glazes and soups.

SeasonRite Seasonings are suited for meat, poultry, seafood, side dish and snack applications. The line includes: adobo; Latin citrus; el pastor; habanero lime; schwarma; Korean BBQ; satay; Thai and mojito. The SeasonRite Sauce & Glaze Base line includes: bulgogi/kalbi; chipotle barbeque; creamy coconut curry; coq au vin; scampi; Korean spicy BBQ and sesame soy. The SeasonRite Soup Base product offering includes: coconut curry; creamy jalapeño; kimchi; poblano butternut; pork taco; pork and vegetable miso; Thai green curry; Thai red curry and tom yum.

Interactive white paper on marketing to millennials

Washington-based Corn Refiners Association has published “Millennials: It’s complicated,” an interactive white paper that analyzes attitudes and behaviors of what is expected to be the largest generation in U.S. history.

The white paper explores the following paradoxes in attitudes and behavior:

Some millennials are carefree and don’t think much about the healthfulness of the food they buy, whereas others are health conscious and embrace every food fad they read about on social media.
Millennials embrace nostalgia in everything they do, but they also like to try new things and seek opportunities for unique experiences.
Although most millennials have yet to reach their full earning potential, they are less motivated by low prices than older generations when making purchase decisions.
Millennials shop for food more frequently than other generations; but they also like to buy foods in bulk.

“Marketing to millennials means embracing a number of paradoxes and learning how to find the sweet spot of apparent contradictions,” said Sara Martens, vice-president of The MSR Group and CornNaturally research analyst. “Overall, it’s important to recognize that millennials aren’t concerned about avoiding specific food ingredients, but instead want to enjoy delicious, convenient foods that fit into a well-balanced diet.”

The interactive white paper may be viewed at

DuPont announces price increase for locust bean gum

DuPont Nutrition & Health, Copenhagen, Denmark, has initiated a global price increase for DuPont Danisco Grindsted locust bean gum (L.B.G.), effective Nov. 1, or when contracts allow.

Locust bean gum is a seed extract from carob. Carob kernels are harvested in the Mediterranean area during the end of the summer. The company estimates kernels volume is 20% lower than average this year and inventories are reaching a record low volume. In addition, seed volume is following the same trend and, as a result, prices are moving up.

“The price increase is needed to maintain business fundamentals and continue servicing our customers with high quality L.B.G.,” said Jean-Baptiste Dufeu, DuPont Nutrition & Health seed extract business manager.

Ken Hunter to retire as president of Mane, Inc.

Lebanon, Ohio-based Mane, Inc., announced Ken Hunter is retiring as president.

“Ken Hunter’s leadership and commitment to excellence has resulted in double-digit growth for Mane, Inc.,” said Michel Mane, president of Mane Fragrances and Flavors. “With a proven track record within the flavor and fragrance industry, Mr. Hunter’s vision and strategy has created the need for expansion.”

Mr. Hunter will remain part of the MANE team to ensure a smooth transition.

In related news, Brad Kelley was promoted to president. Mr. Kelley joined Mane more than seven years ago as vice-president of operations. In 2013, he was promoted to chief operating officer with the added responsibilities of business development and R.&D. functions.