WILMINGTON, DEL. — E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., which earlier this year unveiled several goals it hopes to achieve by 2020 in an effort to help improve food security around the world, issued its 2012 Sustainability Progress Report on Nov. 29.

In the report, Ellen Kullman, chairman and chief executive officer, reaffirmed DuPont’s commitment to producing more food, enhancing nutrition and improving farming sustainability worldwide. Specifically, she cited the company’s goal of investing $10 billion in research and development and plan to introduce 4,000 new products by the end of 2020.

Linda J. Fisher, vice-president and chief sustainability officer, added, “The issue of providing food that has a low impact on the environment and is both healthy and accessible demonstrates the interconnectedness of these challenges with sustainability. Food is connected to the planet that bears it, the water that nurtures it, the ecosystems that coexist with it, and the people who need access to it.

“We have taken very specific steps in responding to the challenge of global food security and are already seeing the impact of this progress.”

In addition to help feed the world, DuPont in its report stated a need to consider ways to reduce the water footprint of agriculture and address questions about the role of biotechnology in improving global food security.

“The solutions we are working toward are designed to provide availability, access, quality, safety and affordability of food for all,” the company said.

DuPont noted that Danisco, which was acquired in 2011, has been a “source of inspiration.”

“(Danisco) has a strong focus on meeting previously unmet human needs through innovations that promote health, sustainable food production and consumption, sustainable energy development and biochemicals,” DuPont said.

Beyond food, DuPont said that although the company’s GHG emissions were up slightly in 2011, overall they are 8% below an updated 2004 baseline year 1. The company also is ahead of its commitment to hold water use flat with its 2004 levels and reduce its emissions of air carcinogens. The company continues to report strong progress against its 2015 goal of certifying all sites under ISO 14001.

The full report is available at www2.dupont.com.