STAMFORD, CONN. — The retail landscape has become increasingly fragmented behind the emergence of new business models, heightened competition from both high- and low-end players, and evolving consumer preferences and behaviors. These tectonic shifts carry profound implications for both food retailers and manufacturers alike, said Shilpa Rosenberry, senior director of global consumer strategy for Daymon Worldwide.

Shilpa Rosenberry Daymon Worldwide
Shilpa Rosenberry, senior director of global consumer strategy for Daymon Worldwide

“Retailers can no longer sit still,” Ms. Rosenberry told Food Business News. “It’s more important than ever to find ways to evolve, whether it’s evolving with partnerships or new fulfilment models or finding new ways to resonate with consumers.”

Daymon Worldwide identified seven global retail trend predictions for 2016 to help retailer and supplier partners track and respond to changing consumer needs.

“The key for how food retailers and manufacturers can use these predictions is to really understand where the consumer is moving and find ways to get ahead of it, whether that’s through product development or merchandising or marketing and messaging,” Ms. Rosenberry said. “There’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It really varies by channel and by retailer and by what each of these retailers stand for as a brand, but the key is just understanding the impact of each of these predictions to their business, which they can leverage to better connect with and get more shoppers in their stores.”

Click for a slideshow of Daymon Worldwide’s retail trend predictions for the year ahead.