WHITE MARSH, MD. — TIC Gums has introduced a stabilizer system, Ticaloid DG 671, for icing and glaze applications. The system has been shown to perform similarly to agar at a lower use level, thus providing cost-in-use savings.

“Agar’s primary country of harvest, Morocco, has imposed strict harvest volume limits and even more stringent exporting limitations for the harvested product,” said Mat O’Connor, director of global sourcing and procurement for White Marsh-based TIC Gums. “These restrictions, paired with adverse weather conditions, have led to a volatile supply lacking stability in price and availability.”

A white paper called “A Cost-Effective Stabilizer Alternative to Agar” shows how Ticaloid DG 671 has been shown to provide up to 21% total cost-in-use savings. A video called “How Can Gums Improve Your Icings and Glazes?” illustrates the technology.