The reformulated juice drinks claim to have 35% less sugar than the leading products.

NORTHFIELD, ILL. — Kraft Foods Group has replaced the high-fructose corn syrup in original Capri Sun juice drinks with sugar. With the reformulation comes a new product claim of 35% less sugar than other leading juice drinks.

The company also is removing the artificial sweetener sucralose from the brand’s Roarin’ Waters line of flavored water beverages and replacing the ingredient with stevia leaf extract.

The changes are part of a larger initiative to reduce the number of calories in the marketplace by more than 25 billion annually.

The reformulated products will roll out over the coming weeks in grocery stores, mass merchandisers, club and drug retail locations nationwide, a spokesperson from Kraft confirmed. The new benefits will be communicated on the packaging.

“Moms and dads tell us they want to feel good about what they give their children to eat and drink, and that they’re increasingly interested in health and wellness trends and simpler ingredients,” the company said. “As a leader in kid’s beverages, Capri Sun continues to innovate to bring consumers the products and benefits they want.”

Kraft has been actively removing undesirable ingredients from many products within its stable of brands. In the past two years, the company has relaunched its Philadelphia cream cheese line without artificial ingredients, eliminated artificial dyes from its shaped macaroni and cheese and removed artificial preservatives from select Kraft Singles sliced cheese.