INDIANAPOLIS — Recall activity documented by the Food and Drug Administration affected nearly 8.5 million units of food and beverages in the third quarter, which reflected a 57% increase from the previous quarter, according to Stericyle ExpertRecall. Food recalls in the third quarter occurred at an average rate of four a day, as documented by F.D.A. enforcement reports.

“The number of recalls we saw during the third quarter is troubling,” said Mike Rozembajgier, vice-president of recalls at Stericycle ExpertRecall, which aggregates and tracks cumulative recall data. “But as we enter the holiday season, it’s even more worrisome to know that nearly one-quarter of food and beverage companies that faced a recall in the third quarter had more than one event.

“As consumers are bombarded with advertisements and messages from manufacturers and retailers during the holiday season, it will be much more difficult for companies to cut through the clutter and connect with customers on recalls. This is why both of these groups need to do their part to ensure that the food served during holiday parties to family and friends is safe.”

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