ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Cargill expanded its non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. ingredient portfolio with the introduction of IngreVita High Oleic Sunflower and EPA/DHA Omega-3 Oil (IngreVita HO Sun). The Minneapolis-based company unveiled the innovation at Natural Products Expo West held March 5-8 in Anaheim.

For use in bread, dairy products, crackers and meal replacement beverages, IngreVita HO Sun contains a blend of high-oleic oil from non-bioengineered sunflower seeds, fish oil and proprietary antioxidants. The product follows the 2014 introduction of the original IngreVita, which contains a blend of high-oleic canola oil, fish oil and proprietary antioxidants,

EPA and DHA are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important for heart health and brain development. Average consumption of these omega-3 fatty acids in the United States falls below the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 250 to 500 mg per day, according to Cargill research.

“Helping our customers succeed by providing them choices for  ingredients is what drove the development of IngreVita HO Sun,” said Kristine Sanschagrin, marketing manager of specialty seeds and oils Cargill. “Some of our customers choose to offer consumers non-G.M.O. products and this is one such option for those customers.”

IngreVita HO Sun is stored at ambient temperature in an easy-to-use drop solution with good shelf stability and no off-flavors. When sprayed on crackers, the ingredient has a 12-month shelf life, and when packaged in a Tetra Pak meal replacement beverage, the ingredient offers a 14-month shelf life, Ms. Sanschagrin said.