KANSAS CITY — Gone are the days when sweet-toothed consumers had to eat just one treat at a time. Unilever’s slew of new frozen treats feature several products where favorites combine.

Unilever’s Good Humor brand is releasing a Girl Scouts Thin Mints bar, which couples the classic Girl Scout cookie with a frozen dessert bar. The frozen chocolate mint dessert bar features cookie pieces and is coated in dark chocolate.

Offering another dessert bar is another Unilever brand, Klondike. Klondike married its classic ice cream bar with cookie dough to create the Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl ice cream bar. Wrapped in a thick chocolate coating, the bar includes cookie dough ice cream with a cookie dough swirl.

The flavor fusions continue with Unilever’s Popsicle brand, which released Popsicle Tootsie Pops. Available in orange, cherry and grape, these frozen pops feature a chewy chocolate center surrounded by a fruity shell.

“Whether you’re a mint-a-holic, choc-o-holic, candy or cookie fanatic, this year’s assortment of new frozen treats from Unilever Ice Cream has something for every taste bud,” said Nick Soukas, brand building marketing director for Unilever Ice Cream.

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