Mondelēz released new products in 2014, such as Honey Maid Go Bites and Wheat Thins baked pita chips, that offer more whole grains.

DEERFIELD, ILL. — Mondelēz International has made strides in its effort to empower consumers to snack mindfully. According to “The Call for Well-Being,” the company’s 2014 progress report issued May 28, the company is “on target” with five of the six goals it set out to achieve a few years ago as part of its mindful snacking initiative.

Mondelēz said it is on track to deliver 25% of revenue from Better Choices by 2020. The company defines Better Choice options as products that meet a stricter set of category-specific nutrition criteria, compared to existing alternatives. The criteria were developed with guidance from a panel of outside nutrition experts. In addition to meeting the criteria, Better Choices must deliver either a positive nutritional element or a specific reduction in a nutrient of public health concern. In 2012, 20% of the company’s revenues were from Better Choices, a percentage that increased to 22% in 2013 and 22.4% in 2014.

A second goal Mondelēz is on track with is to increase individually wrapped portion control options 25% by 2020. Through such single-serve offerings as Milka Crispello, Moro and Gallito chocolates as well as Club Social biscuits and some Cadbury, Ritz and LU chocolates biscuits, Mondelēz said it has increased its “Mindful Portion” options 16% since 2012.

“These ‘Mindful Portion’ products are meeting an important consumer need, as people are increasingly seeking out more convenient, portioned control snacks,” the company said in the report. “For example, one of our successful 2014 product launches was portion controlled packs of Pacific soda crackers in China. The product offers four crackers to a pack and encourages people to enjoy a satisfying snack.”

Where front-of-pack labeling is permitted and in line with regulatory requirements, Mondelēz has set a goal to provide calorie information globally by the end of 2016. As of 2014, 46% of the company’s portfolio has calorie information in place, the company said, putting it on target to achieve its goal.

“To make informed decisions, people need the right information delivered clearly and simply,” Mondelēz said. “We provide nutrition labeling on all products in all markets worldwide.”

The final three mindful snacking goals center on progress against key nutrients. Mondelēz said it is on target in its goal to reduce sodium 10% by 2020 and increase whole grains 25% by 2020.

“We are making great strides in our goal to add more whole grains into our products,” the company said. “Since 2012, we have increased whole grains by 23% across our portfolio. New products in 2014, such as our Honey Maid Go Bites, Wheat Thins baked pita chips and Barni mini biscuits, combined with our efforts to increase whole grain content in products like our Prince biscuits in the E.U., are helping us reach our goal. And the expansion of belVita breakfast biscuits in Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada and the United States is providing consumers whole grains, along with fuel to get through the morning.”

Mondelēz has reduced sodium by 16% and saturated fat by 40% in select Oreo varieties.

Meanwhile, since 2012, Mondelēz said it has reduced sodium by 6% in cheese and 9% across its biscuits in Latin America. In select Oreo varieties, sodium has been reduced by 26%.

The one goal Mondelēz said it is not on target to achieve is a 10% reduction in saturated fat by 2020. The company said it has achieved a 1% reduction in saturated fat across its entire global portfolio, and has seen success in reducing saturated fat by 40% in some Oreo varieties. The company also is replacing saturated fat oils in its biscuits.

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